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Trouble in America- Secret Slavery Uncovered

I have a cousin in the marines, his name is Kenny. I have a brother, Austin Brown, who lives on a police prison compound in punta gorda, near port charlotte, with his family. He has two children, Maddox, and Mackennah. These people I love very dearly, and threats are made regarding them. It is imperative they remain safe, along with everyone else. Or there will be consequences unlike you have ever imagined. The Government here in the U.S., is being told to step down. That is any and all facilities, involved in that administration. Turn yourselves in to the public people, and make it live, broadcasted to the entire world. The white house can be a museum, or it can be dust. - Andrew Alexander Brown, representing the free public people of the United States of America, and the world.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Civilian life in America led me to discover slavery does in fact exist here. Orchestrated in concert with police, military, and hollywood, to threaten, steal, and kill our lives for anything we have. With an electronic frequency device, I am sent horrible threats to myself, and my family. My life now is an attempt, that will not end to rid us from this evil administration. Here I will post videos, and updates to this battle I am in, surrounded by undercover police in Port Charlotte Florida 3496 Ogden st.

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